Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my house be painted?
It depends. There are a lot of contributing factors that determine how long paint lasts. Poorly prepared surfaces will crack and peel. Darker colors will fade. Older wood will not hold paint like new wood. Fading, peeling, cracking are signs it's time to paint. A fresh coat of paint adds new beauty and preserves the life of your home.

What usually causes a coating to fail?
The most frequent causes for premature paint failures are due to proper surface preparation - cleaning, caulking, priming; not applying enough paint; using an improper coating; not applying the product as directed; or environmental conditions.

What is the difference between a flat, high gloss, satin, and eggshell finish?
These terms indicate the sheen or gloss level, or degree or light reflectance, of the paint.

Semi-gloss - More stain-resistant and easier to clean than flat paints. Best for high-traffic areas such as kitchen and bathroom walls, hallways, children's rooms, playrooms, doors, woodwork and trim.

Eggshell - It resists stains better than flat paint and gives a more lustrous appearance less shiny than semi-gloss. Can be used in place of flat paints on wall surfaces especially in halls, bathrooms and playrooms.

Flat or Matte - For general use on walls and ceilings, hiding surface imperfections. Stain removal can be difficult. Use for uniform, non-reflecting appearance. Best suited for low-traffic areas.

Why not do the painting myself?
Painting is a skilled profession. Hiring an experienced painting contractor to do the job properly can save you time, money and effort. By the time you’ve bought all the tools, equipment and materials, the cost is often comparable.

How long will my painting job take?
The nature and size of your job, remodel or new construction, the paint finishes you select, the condition of your surfaces, environmental conditions and coordination with other contractors will all effect how long your project takes. Our painters are very efficient and we will work you to complete your painting project in your desired timeframe.

How do I get started?
We start by providing you a free estimate. We visit with you and discuss your painting project in detail. If our estimate meets with your approval, a date will be arranged to begin the project.

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